20 Feb 2009

Pre-Revolutionary Scotland 2009

Bring Out The Bikes!

Just been reading some interesting stuff on Monatgue Burton’s fine blog The Universality of Cheese .
Specifically, he has summarised well recent revelations that in 1975 the UK Civil Service openly conspired to downplay the real value of Scottish oil, tried to delay a referendum on devolution ( despite it being the only reason labour in Scotland was not wiped out in the October 1974 General election) and who – yes neutral good a stiff upper lipped civil servants - even planned funding Orkney and Shetland separatist movements to undermine Scotland’s strategic case

Great reading, as was finding our precisely who was behind this and where they are now

But did anyone that knows anything about the British State, the British establishment and its pre and post-independence strategies in close to half the countries of the globe think any different?

That it would play fair, that the Civil Service, was honourable, remotely neutral ?

What do people think the Holyrood building project was really about for starters?. Are we really that inept?

Back to 1975. To me the most interesting question is this:

If this is what the Civil Service were up to in 1975, when objectively the threat of independence was pretty remote, what are they up to now?

And I don’t just mean the London based civil service, but the one in Edinburgh, the one that advises Alex an co on just about everything, advice nine time out of ten SNP ministers implement without hesitation.

Indeed - and I have direct and very recent experience of this- slavishy backing Civil Servants and in some cases openly conspiring against those trying to help them, trying to point out the obvious traps being set for them

From Tartan Day to housing policy. From Creative Scotland to the National Conversation. In your own office Alex....open you eyes, pal

Waken up - read what the British state did in Ireland, pre and post independence. Read what they did here in 1975

But they aint doing it here and now" ? - not these nice pleasant Edinburgh-Oxbridge London appointed types . Not that nice man who bought me a Saltire tie for Christmas and gave Moira these lovely flowers......oh no not him, them...They are the nice unionists - the ones that advise us professionally with no hidden agenda…., and then go home to their New Town terraces to read Sir Wally Scott and listen to Puccini.

Bring out these bikes and Mick Collins' boys I say - Leave Nicola and co to pose around on Newsnight debating with Lord Foulkes.... out of harms way - our way,
Poor people gonna rise up and take what's theirs


McGonagall Friday, February 20, 2009  

Oh blaady good post. You blaady Scots are such a nieve (intentional) bunch a sheep shagin peasants - it's no contest.

McGonagall Friday, February 20, 2009  

Off topic - I fucking love the Beatles.

JuanKerr.com Friday, February 20, 2009  
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JuanKerr.com Friday, February 20, 2009  

reposting due to my dyslexia. soz.
Good response to Monties Blog. Indeed, as independence is even nearer than 1975. What are they doing(the civil subservients?) Breaking up banks, building new oil terminals in North east England to filter Scotlands oil, Making 6000 miles of Scottish seas and new untapped oilfields in Scottish waters English territory. Conspiring with media luvvies to misrepresent the true feelings and true picture of Scotland , to carry on the "all is well..." smok and mmirors bullshit. and relaying to the people not to protest.

In the 1970's at Primary School I was told oil would only last 20 years so there was no point fighting for it. PHAH!

Indeed Alex should be bringing in outside consultants to double check the double speak. Just as Labour Bring in their "consultants"

And Agreed with Scunnert. The beatles are Class.

People should be revolting and partaking in mass civil disobedience , but all our protest and backbone has been repealed by assembly laws, terror laws, etc


JuanKerr.com Friday, February 20, 2009  

Back on the subject of taking too the baricades. Why are the people of the UK not rising up? Not a nationalist thing. Considering in days gone bye, even one or two instances of the sleaze and sly drafting of laws and bills with hidden clauses they perpertuate daily. How the hell have they survived a lynching? Or at least a cobra commitee taking them out? As they have gone way beyond the remit of acting in the countries interests and waded heavily into the territory of self interest.

Why are the oposition parties not calling for a motion of no confidence and refusing to co-operate. Or is it their just one big industry and their keeping it all civilised and waiting their turn?

We are in funny times allright and the term political class is a sinister one of seperation from the plebs.

Alan Smart Saturday, February 21, 2009  

watch this space. I have been both surprised and encorgaed by the number of "apoitica" folk I know who - knowing i am a political animal - have come up to me fuming about the banks bail out, Sir Freds bonuses etc whist they are strugging, worried about their jobs, homes, kid futures etc

I think when the penny drops, as it is, just how much personal pubic debt it has cost Brown to do this ( £50k per adult in the UK) and how we will all be paying it via higher taxes and pooer services until the day we die things might happen

And peopel are finding it out all the time, and more an more each day ..these useless wars, these usees trident missies, these usleess ID cards, thay useless anti terror egistion, you i ma sure can doube my list and more - buy you get my drift, they get the drift

Add to that Obama, who for a his imitations ( an I think he is the real dea, but we'l see) towers above our showers, shows what is possible

This plus the sheer reaity of the slump and its semi permanace, and a I think it might take is onesinge sypbolic incident ( Jaqui Smith Expense, but here in Scotlnad - McConnels pay off, MIcae Martins knighthood, Laord Foukes latest scam !!!! etc ) to set things aff

We must prepere, be raedy to pounce, - exploit for good this historical opportunity

Good things come to those who wait yes - but most of all for those who are ready - and right

And Beatles fans

JuanKerr.com Saturday, February 21, 2009  

Moan ra Beatles fans!!!!!!
Aye, the people of Scotland have been lied to relentlesly and taken for granted by the Labour party. The people of Scotland are fed up being part of a contrived union. The English are fed up of a contrived union and so are the welsh.

Sctoand can , as an Independent stae , manage its own autonomy better than the second fiddle approach london has adopted through the centuries.

Aided and abetted by lords traitors and social climbers throughout.

They now call themselves the political classes, and people when out meeting the plebs. They should waken up and realise Scotland is not impressed by egotistical power grubbing corrupt wee bastards. We've suffered at the hands of them for centuries.

Cheers for the blog

brownlie Saturday, February 21, 2009  

Interesting about the modern day civil service.

A friend of mine used to be a full-time officer with the FDA the Sir Humprey's Union. At meetings with the cabinet secretary one particular Civil Servant union representatives was a constant thorn in the flesh of the "official" side and constantly wrong-footed them.

He was promoted two grades and transferred to the Cabinet Office where at subsequent meetings he was representing the "official" side. The ghost of Sir Humprey is still around and over-riding the wishes of gullible ministers.

Alan Smart Saturday, February 21, 2009  

the civil sevice is britain's curse,

but the scootish end of it the absoute worst. even the sir humprys in london are aggag at what the sir humphrys in edinburh get away with

and alex lets them - it easier to blame London new Labour(no angels) rather than deal with a difficut issue, more often or not the real issue

Yet we keep hearing from the nats these days is "the vicious £500 milion cut" the resut of efficennct saving announced by Darling in his pre budget report. Fisrtly though, remember he has done this across the UK - under devolution does Samond want a special expemtion for Scotand - is he serious? And in any case it represents an efficiency saving of haf of one percent per year in a £33bn plus budget, a budget that is automaticaly rising courtesy of Daring 3 per cent every year automaticaly - and willget another massive boost - many times £500m in April budget ( dont belive me, just wait). So "cut" - mince, total mince., John and Lex - why peddle this pish as mainstream authodoxy - even your excuse for abandoning LIT? You excuse for everything i reckon for the next two years

Fine do it - it just wont wash - it is prvivabe pish - statisticaly proveabe pish - read your own budget!

But on efficienct savings in the Scottish Giovernment - give me had a day with swinney and three genuiny independent public finance officias and i coud save him £500 milion in an afternoon.

What do the top nats think the alleged "subsidy " of scotand is about. If it does exist - and it certainy exists in huge areas ( heath. education, local government for starers, the three big devoution spenders) if not in net terms - it effectvely is an inneficiency sunbsidy to our sir humpreys, bnotthe people of scotand, the poor of scotland who need it, deserve it.

Heath spending in Scotabd 20% higher than in Engand - maybe and close to that for sure. But is the service 20% better ...is it remotely concievable peope in Engand would put up with a sevice 20% worse than ours ( which is generay mince) with a revoution starting - a pround peope the Engish - not all tame sheep, by any means.

The nats - and i am taking about its top dogs - aint even remotey near the real enemy. If,as they say it is, it aint the Engish ( and i accept here that are genuine) then just who is it?...it cant all just be some New Labour conspiracy. And if you actually look at what happened in detail, 1999- 2007 Scottish Labour were aso the systems victims..all that extra money for hospitals and schools - up 100% in real terms in some areas - but near zero outcomes in terms of service imprvements. This as we all know was a big reason why the nats won in May 2007.

scotand sensed soemone could do better wit the dosh we had ( and migt aso get some more out the UK pot) But in a lot of areas - housing is my current speciaism - the nats in government are worse, proveaby worse, because at least some in new Labour - Wendo, Margaret Curram, Tom McCabe, Susan Deacon, Frank McAveety a few others - reaised the system, the Sir Humphries were a big part of the problem.

They tried to take them on an near all of them were systematicaly filited with leaks about their expenses, pie eating habits and persona lives. Wendo nowhere, Deacon retired at 45, McCabe on backbanches, Curran de facto deselected, frankie fighting for free tickets for kids to watch footie ( great idea but hardly system threatening)

The fact none of this has yet happened to a singe nat shown me how tame they are - in their pockets, no need to fuck them

I just hope Alex Neil and Mike Russel - my two white hopes - are squeekly clean or we'll all be reading about them in the Sunday Mail within a week or so of them actualy taking sir humpry on

Blame Britain, blame new labour, miss the boat and be booted out of office in 2012, referendum or no referendum, recession or no recession. They are panning it all as i type, have been since 4th May 2007, or earlier

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