22 Oct 2009

The Flower of Scotland

Islam Feruz, a refugee from Somali, making his debut for Scotland Under 17's at Dumfermine's East End Park earlier this week. Scotland lost 2-1, but Islam set up the Scotland goal - and he is still only 14 ! And watched from the stands by his proud parents. Read more about this inspiring story in, of all papers, The Daily Mail. If only it and other media outlets would report more stories like this......

And Feruz is already signed up - by The Celtic!


naldo Thursday, October 22, 2009  

Inspirational indeed. I wish the Mail in particular would print more positive stories about Muslims and asylum speakers, whom it so often conflates with terrorists and criminals.

With this and Janet Street Porter's rebuttal of the Jan Moir nonsense, maybe a wee trend has started. I hope so.

Cruachan Thursday, October 22, 2009  

"Come one, come all ye"!
I will take salvation for the national team in what ever shape and colour it comes :)

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