26 Nov 2009

Jim Murphy's Calman White Paper - how nationalists should respond

Simply - "put to to a referendum vote."

Because Calman is radical - in terms of tax powers, a big change from what Scots were made to vote for in a specific question on tax in the referendum of 1997. So if you want to change these powers, have a specific vote.

In this regard the SNP is in danger of clouding the issue over its demands that aspects of the Calman Report over which there is "consensus" - those that relate to firearms legislation and speed limits - be implemented now. I see where they are coming from, but it's a confusing message.

"Give us all a vote Jim" is what we should be demanding loud and clear. This is about the sovereignty of the Scottish people, not a cosy "consensus" cobbled together by a self appointed committee and a bunch of politicians.

And of course they fear a referendum - on near anything.


Cruachan Thursday, November 26, 2009  


Perhaps it is testament to how much things have moved on since 1997 that no-one is crying foul.

I am not suggesting that additional powers is the "settled will", but it can be sold as sensible administrative changes to help more effective government, not requiring the bother and cost of a referendum.

Perhaps this is all bringing us closer to a straight Yes/No referendum for independence. Whether it is 2010,2012,or 2020. I don't mind, as long as its in my lifetime.

Calman or Calman-Lite is tinkering. Adminstratively tidy small steps along the way, but ultimately just tinkering.

Its time for bigger steps.

Monday should be interesting.

Alan Smart Thursday, November 26, 2009  

i really dont think calmun is tinkering on tax powers. THese are big big changes from essentially a block grant system to one in which 25% plus of revenue will have to be raised by scotland specific taxes. And that will be the crucial 25%.

The SNP should see this as an opportunity to challenge labour and co on the democratic legitimacy of their proposals , opening up the opportunity for folks to have a say on their own altoghther better and coherent package.

subrosa Tuesday, December 01, 2009  

One of the problems with Murphy's idea is that benefits will still be dictated by London and we could end up paying a great deal for these to be handled.

No it's nonsense Murphy's headline hogging message. Blatant electioneering. 'After the general election' indeed! How very dare he.

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