20 Mar 2011

I Am Back !

Hi After a break of just over a year my ayewecan blog is back - well not quite yet.

I'll start posting regularly once the election campaign starts for real. But I have been so inspired by the oratory of Annabel and the Gray man that I have broken cover early.

I promise fresh videos to match my two 2007 election contributions The Best We Numpty in the World and Labour Pie, both of which are still available and still  relevant. Indeed, aside from the King Numpty himself, near all the old numpties are trying to get back in high office again - presumably to make a total arse of it for a third time, get enhanced ministerial salaries - followed by generous payoffs for pie munching induced ministerial sackings. All this, plus enhanced pension increments to help prepare them for that impoverished lifestyle poor we Jacko will have to endure in the House of Lords.

Or was that the High Commissioner to Malawi job? Oops GB lost in London, so that deal fell through - lucky Malawi. The last thing that poor country needs is the export of our failed numpties. Maybe though Wendy might want to have a go - she can take her weans -indeed her entire family - with her, with our blessings. The Malawis will suss her in about a month. They no longer indulge quasi-intellectual Presbyterians missionaries - the historical root cause of that nation's principal difficulties: Jacko was always more superficially palitable - he'd have come bearing gifts of Rangers and Celtic strips as part of his ongoing campaign on "Scotland's Shame"  - himself

So, I hope you can see there will be plenty to write and sing about.

In the meantime check oot my wee video below which encapsulates what was and will continue to be the spirit of this blog. And if you want more than that - some thoughtful and entertaining  non-partisan articles, in the meantime id recommend Bella Caledonia.

Finally,  you might have noticed my Obama themed banner has gone, replaced by one of the true revolutionaries of our epoch. - The fab five  ( the fifth being  the Scottish Beatle, Edinburgh born- Include Stuart Sutcliffe from the early Hamburg days). What's more, I did not fancy having pictures of NATO freedom hunting warplanes on ma site. Would spoil the tone, and might get my blog confused with that of the Israeli Government's Department of Information .

Until later


Cruachan Sunday, March 20, 2011  

Good to see you back.

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