24 Dec 2008

That Man to Man the World Ower Shall Brithers Be For A' That

This is a new blog and associated YouTube site that will launch on 5th, January 2009.

It will celebrate 2009, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns in a style a little different from the official Homecoming festivities. It will aim to capture the creative and satirical spirit of Robert Burns though the creative potential of the net. It will strive to genuinely internationalise the legacy of Burns' - Scotland's national bard, yes - but a poet, songwriter and indeed a philosopher admired in all corners of the globe, and for good reason.

Indeed, wittingly or otherwise, hundreds of millions have already celebrated his birth year on 1st January when singing one of his most memorable songs "Auld Lang Syne"

But there is much, much more to Rabbie - and in 2009 his spirit is needed more than ever. Indeed, arguably it is alive and kicking, as just five day's before Rabbie's bithday, the USA prepares for President Barack Obama's inaguration. Surely this will be an event Burns would have been inspired by - as he was in 1776 and again 1789 when popular revolutions broke out in the America and then in France.

This blog plans a revolution of a more sedate nature - one in which the imaginative use of technology, music, verse and satire will combine to offer a global audience just a taste of what Burns is about, what Scotland is about, and where we hope our country and the world is heading.

Welcome! We plan to break down boundaries and provide some contemporary insight into the legacy of Robert Burns, plus an opportunity for everyone to take part, participate in from wherever you are living.

Stay tuned and help spread the word - by whatever means necessary!


Anonymous,  Wednesday, December 24, 2008  

good stuff

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