28 Feb 2009

This six month old payslip just conveniently popped up the day Gordy decided to give the banks another £300 billion of our money. (click to enlarge)

And whatever happened to that "brilliant" October 2008 bank "re-captialisation" rescue plan. You know - the one the rest of the world would be copying, in awe of our own genius Prime Minister?


Anonymous,  Saturday, February 28, 2009  

Nice one, top class, yip every trace leads back to Gordon Brown. He has pumped billions into the banks and they are still crashing, he and his spivs signed sir Freds pension deal and now Gordon Brown is on some sort of election footing campaigning on "Fred give us the money back" The guy is a desperate eejit

Anonymous,  Saturday, February 28, 2009  

All right, you got my attention. That is photoshopped or what?

Alan Smart Saturday, February 28, 2009  

No, - i pinched it from another blog.

The probaby photshopped it - i dont think it's a real one!

Anonymous,  Monday, March 02, 2009  

How tragic. I was hoping you had a scoop. ;) When are you going to join my forum and start the "Should Scotland be an Independent Nation?" thread...?

They're on Gordon save-the-world Brown's meeting with Obama at the moment...you'd love it.

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