6 May 2009

God is a Catalan - with a Norwegian Granny!


Albert Wednesday, May 06, 2009  

We will see if God is Catalan the next 27th of May.

Chelsea could have won but it would have been unfair because Barça tried to play its beautiful football and the blues wanted to win with a too defensive style.


Anonymous,  Thursday, May 07, 2009  

It was a stonewaller, but the blues put out Liverpool so justise has been done in my book..

Jim Thursday, May 07, 2009  

Great goals!

I definitely wanted Barca to be in the final though I'll be supporting Fergie's men in red... nominally.
Here's hoping that the game fulfills its potential... or even half its potential with the talent on show...

Shame Fletcher won't be in the middle of the park! Would have been nice to have a Scot in there.

Alan Smart Thursday, May 07, 2009  


But contrast Fletcher's dignity faced with injustce and dissappointment, with that of the Chelsks boys - Drogba in particular. A point not lost, judging from the media coverage ive heard today

Aside from Everton, Man U are my favorite English team, so i will have mixed emotions. But it has to be Barca for me - the original, litertal, People's Club - and a little bit more. And Man U won it last year!

But may the best team win!

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