7 Dec 2009

Scottish Labour's Local Government Concordat

Commenting on "Marqueegate", an East Lothian Council spokesman said:

"It appears this application was just put through every year by habit."

I suspect how Labour has largely run Scotland for the past 50 years.

PS And its all the SNP's fault for bringing this matter to public attention.....says a nulab spokeperson. Honest, that is what they said!


Anonymous,  Monday, December 07, 2009  

Argh... you just made me load a Scotsman page.....

I think it is how they ran Scotland when they had hegemony.

Now, bit by bit they are being found out.

I bet a general audit of council accounts would show up whoppers that have been nodded through for years.

Anonymous,  Monday, December 07, 2009  

'I suspect how Labour has largely run Scotland for the past 50 years.'

There's probably a lot of truth in this...

But I can't stop myself from remarking that I find it astonishing that nobody - be they council officials or long-term party members - seem to know anything about the rules on these things.

The same thing struck me about the recent expenses scandals. Looks like the political classes need some serious training on this...

Quinie frae Angus Monday, December 07, 2009  

Tris, re your comment about audits on Labour councils' documents throwing up interesting information....

No they wouldn't, because the minute the SNP got in all that could be heard across West Central Scotland was the deafening whirr of the shredding machines as they were set to work immediately, through the long night and through the long day....

Anonymous,  Monday, December 07, 2009  

Aye Quinie... and on our electricity bill!!!

Quinie frae Angus Monday, December 07, 2009  

Oh, undoubtedly.

But not to worry, when these poor overworked shredding machines finally burn out and blow all the fuses in the council offices, they can always bring their mates in on a nod and a wink to fix them.

Oh no, sorry they can't, can they? Cannae get an electrician for love nor money. They're all out on building contracts fur wur big property developer pals....

Alan Smart Tuesday, December 08, 2009  

This kind of reminds me of officegate that brought Henry McLeish down. I dont for a minute think Henry was at it in terms odf personal gain, just that in the accepted culture of Fife under labour rule cross subsiding labour party offices with other publicly funded initiatives was ok - why we wer were involved! Its still prevalant all over especially in places like Lanarkshire where labour rule is still largely unchallenged - the state is Labour , labour is the state. Longstanding labour activists see nothing wrong with this - they were born into it, will die defending it

Quinie frae Angus Tuesday, December 08, 2009  

Aye indeed, AWC, which explains exactly the sort of "Whit? Whit they oan aboot?" response displayed as the officials involved stand blinking in the headlights in East Lothian.

IT would be comical (Marqueegate, for goodness' sake!!) if it wasn't so bloomin' serious.

They really just do not get it, do they?

Wake up people! Wake up Scotland!

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