11 Apr 2009

Britain's Worst Prime Minister

As a student of history, I am of the firm opinion that Gordon Brown is destined to be judged the worst Prime Minister of the democratic age.

His achievements?

Getting elected? - nope, not even by his own party, A vote? - can't have that!

Ending sleaze ?- nope, its got worse, can't even sack the likes of McNulty, Smith or Hoon now as they are no worse than the rest of them - they just got caught

Economic prudence? , - nope. Brown has presided over the most wreckless credit fueled boom in history that has brought near every major financial institution in the UK to its knees - and now the Treasury as well. All on Brown's brief, his unique brief. He set up the FSA, made all the appointments, wrote all the rules

Peacemaker? Nope. war criminal. It's taken Obama to end an illegal war Gordy help plan, finance. An he is still planning Trident2, putting scarce public funds into this dangerous and expensive vanity project. But he was once in CND - it helped his career at the time.

And now the revelations about Damien McBride, Brown's Head of Strategy and Policy, until his resignation caused by the expose of his plans to smear senior Consrevatives. And paid over £100k per year of taxpayers money on Brown's recommendation that he was the best man for the job. Brown hand picked, groomed, brought McBride with him from the Treasury, consciously allowing him to bief and spin against Labour MPs, journalists, and now her majesty's opposition .
This comes as no surprise to me. Because this is Brown - an amoral hypcritical schemer, who has wormed his way into high office by always having a Damien McBride, an official smearer, close to hand, and always paid for by public funds.

There of course was Charlie Wheelen, caught up in this latest scandal, that everyone in his office appears to have known about - execpt poor innocent Gordy. But Charlie Wheelan is just one of a long line of official smearers going back decades. I remember John Rafferty, the unctuous head of the Glasgow based Volunteer Centre who helped Brown smear his way up the greasy pole in the 1980's on the backs of cash syphoned off from projects designed to help the young unemployed. And then there was the legendary Tommy Graham MP - a buffoon and an embarrassment, who survived for a decade as an MP for one reason only - Gordy. Brown needed him to spy and blackmail dissident members of the Scottish Parliamentary Labour group. And in the end Tommy could have buried Brown with what he knew, why he held on so long - (try going to Tommy with a big cheque Daily Telegraph or News of the World, that payoff money must be running out) .

And then the Alexanders - his official vote riggers

So as this pious Presbyterian hypocrite deploys the full government spin machine in an attempt to persuade us that Damien McBride's smear project, despite being orchestrated from 10 Downing Street, was a freelance operation he knew nothing about, I have one word to say. Shite.

Normally Labour, or any party, would just remove so useless and hopelessly compromised leader - but Brown is such a schemer he has even planned against this eventuality, made sure it can't happen. It will be down to the people to vote him out - the people this great democrat has so meticulously avoided asking about anything.


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