30 Apr 2009

Swine Flu - A Damien McBride Conspiracy?

This thought has entered my head.

On a day that the Government was humiliated over the Gurkha vote, is about to lose ( has already lost) the MPs expenses vote, and Brown has had a car crash of a performance at PMQs, what do all the networks lead and bleed on? " About thirty people have flu", or "Mexican girl dies in Texas of swine flu" - as opposed to the hundreds of Mexican that die in Texas ever year of general neglect and discrimination.

I know Swine flu is potentially serious, but is this media hype in anyway helping - other than spreading unnecessary panic? And what is the practical advice on offer other than "don't go to Mexico"

I could say all this was one big NuLab conspiracy, especially as Damien McBride has this week astonishingly been spotted in the Commons chatting to journalists - apparently still with his Downing Street issued parliamentary pass! But I wont. Instead I'll say this feels like one big pharmaceutical industry conspiracy.

Meanwhile, GB goes from bad to worse, with that "Resign" e-petition now topping his own website's petitions page, and pulling away rapidly from its rivals. I now don't even know if Brown can hang on until his planned execution day - the day after Euro Election results.

Here though is an alternative exit strategy: He could feign illness and resign on health grounds - swine flu - caught off a Gurkha in Iraq. How appropriate?


Potabasil Monday, May 04, 2009  

My friend's husband was traveling back from KL and not feeling to good. He changed planes at Heaththrow and was there for 3 hours. Then onto Boston. He started feeling unwell as soon as they SPRAYED THE PLANE. When he landed they took him in a wheelchair then onto hospital. the cameras were waiting for him and he waved them a huge smile (with mash on). The news at 10p.m. (USA) has his face all over the place up close and personal. He was discharged at 4a.m. NOT WITH THE SWINE FLU as the TV were reporting he had, but with an other Virus with NO Name . The next day the TV Channel were still showing his smiling face and the ambulance taking him away from the airport.

While they were still reporting of his Swine Flu he was out in his garden painting a fence.

What ever you do.Do Not Believe what you are hearing. They are NOT reporting they are making everyone PANIC

Anonymous,  Monday, May 04, 2009  

Spot on AWC, they are thanking god for the flu, I was going to say epidemic, but it's not, so I'll just say that they are thanking god for the flu.

The BBC are happy to give hours of the 24 hour news programme to live coverage of American press conferences with totally unknown names answering mundane questions of absolutely no interest at all to us, while Labour collapses in a heap.

I'm sure though, that if this hadn't happened they would have been reporting endlesly about Mrs McGinty's cat that got stuck up a tree in order to shield their little mates.

Fortunately Labour and the BBC are on thier last legs. Hopefully we will soon be rid of them.

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