20 May 2013

We've Earned The Right To Be Free


Alan Smart Monday, May 20, 2013  

Hey folks throughout the land

It's time to make a stand

That time is here and now

Stand up for Scotland proud

Let's hear it clear and loud

We've earned the right and how

How come we wrote the USA's Rights of Man?

How come we freed the French and not our own land?

We fought at Anzio

We stormed the G.P.O.

We've earned the right to be free

We march for CND

Helped set Mandela free

Stood up for Vietnam

Campaigned for East Timor

Said No to that illegal war

Now say hand's off Iran

And Africa, we say cancel the debt

Gie her fair trade, and gie her people a break

We cry when Annie sings

We'd make Midge Ure our King

We've earned the right to be free

Hey folks throughout the earth

Who know what freedom's worth

You know we're on your side

You'll find a welcome here

If your land's a place of fear

You're part of Scotland's tribe

Our freedom ain't no flag or lilly-white home

Our freedom's in our mind, a Rabbie Burns poem

Come help us build the Land that Jimmy Reid had planned

We've earned the right to be free

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