2 Apr 2011

We Are The Palestinians 2011

We are the Palestinians
We were the PLO
The labeled us as terrorists
for fighting for our homes
We live in refugee camps
...Our life's a daily hell
We fight against oppression
they call it Israel

From '48 to present day
We waited for the west
To help us win our freedom back
to bring us some redress
But with that US veto
And Israelis's pulling stings
In Hebron Gaza and beyond
were still waiting in the wings

And as for our opponents
Their heads are in the sand
They quote to us their bible
Claiming its their promised land
They call us anti Semites
They play on people fears
They lecture on fascists
We've been fighting them for year

And now we look at Libya
And all those NATO planes
Claiming that their fighting for
The freedom of our weans
But we can see their plain hypocracy
as they fly overhead
On their way to conquer Libya
There laughing at our deal

We are the The Revolution
we ARE the PLO
We've been driven out the Lebanon
Few place left to go
but our struggle will continue until Palestine is free
What we want’s a fair solution
We don't need your sympathy

What we want is revolution
We've had years of sympathy

For Bill Speirs (Paisley, Scotland)

and for Mooney Peace ( Ramallah, Palestine )

Both Alive and Kicking



Dark Lochnagar Wednesday, April 06, 2011  

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