29 Mar 2009

Pay No Poll Tax !

It is 20 years ago, 1st April 1989 to be precise, that the Poll Tax was introduced in Scotland. That legal requirement to pay, and a year ahead of England, was of course preceded intense campaigning, and Scotland on Sunday has done a good feature on it all today.

I would recommend it to those too young to remember or so old we have forgotten!

In particular, I like the paper's slideshow- here's a direct link to it.

Strange days, in hindsight great days, but they just felt like any other day to me and I guess most folks living through them at the time But we won! - the beginning of the end for Thatcherism

And a campaign led from Scotland - but let's not forget finished in England.

But a big hats off to the tens of thousands of Scots who led the way, refused to pay.

If only Sandi Thom had done likewise


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