15 Mar 2009

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Just watched Douglas Alexander - that's the guy who fucked up the Scottish Parliament elections and got promoted - on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, live from Edinburgh

Aside from just in general being a national embarassment, wee Douglie was repeatedy questioned on the lessons he and the UK Government has learned from the disasterous banking crash they have presided over. In hindsight, asked Marr "is there anything different you might have done over the past decade, anything you did wrong... maybe became too enthrawled by the magic of these bankers you knighted, fetted, appointed to high office?" Not a tweak of conritition from wee Dougie. It was all somebody else's fault - these regulators apparently.

But who appointed the regulators Dougie? Who set the regulations? Who was Chancellor since 1997?

My conclusion - apart from my long held one that this Brownose cypher is about the most overpromted politician in British history I can think of ( still astonishingly Labour's UK General election coordinator and Minister for Overseas Development) - he ( they) would do it all again, - the exact same were they ever given another chance.

Let's not

And pray for the third world - Douggie their man in Britain, their proxy voice in the UN Security council !

PS Eck on the same show far more convincing, dignified. But still strangley pro RBS, and on the backfoot when quizzed on Sir George Mathewson, - as he will continue to be as long as he remains his Government's chief economic advisor. But overall good, credible. And why is it only on UK network TV that he tones down that smugness to almost positive levels?


JuanKerr.com Sunday, March 15, 2009  

Ah Dougie etal. The very people who used kid on leftyism too use politics as a personal vehicle. All the time robbing a large section of society of it's true voice. Corrupting the unions with gongs and kick backs.

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