22 Mar 2009

Schools, pure mince, and apprentices

Brian Taylor has done some excellent detective work on his latest blog - one on the various claims and counter claims over the Scottish Government's schools building programme.

It is a bit of a read - it's a complex subject - and Brian with his BBC hat on pulls his punches in terms of conclusions. But I'll say what Brian couldn't - Alex is telling porkies.

Don't believe me? - read Brian's blog and the numerous posts that follow it - some from obviously well informed sources who know who commissioned what and when. And Eck's info - delivered in response to Ian Gray at FMQ on 12 March - is near 90% mince, pure mince. All from that "overworked" Civil Service of his.

I don't quite know what I expected from an SNP Government when I enthusiastically voted for one in May 2007. I knew independence was a long term project, and that some of the manifesto's policy promises were, shall we say, ambitious. But would the truth be too much to ask for?

And as a related postscript, I see Ian Gray has been left with egg on his face by the news that Lewis Doig, the Tranent apprentice supposedly facing unemployment and now in search of his Scottish Government apprenticeship guarantee, has in fact got a job. Indeed, was in a new job when Ian Gray raised his case live on TV during FMQs last Thursday. How shabby, what crap research - did you team not think to check?

A curse on both your houses. Scotland deserves better, could do better, will do better.

The truth is out there.


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