7 Jun 2009

EXCLUSIVE: New Euro Poll !

As we wait for the results, let's have one...on the Party Election Broadcasts the parties in Scotland inflicted on us in the run up to them.

For the first time the BBC has helpfully put them all online. You can view them all here.

So if you are bored rigid - or to be serious - are interested in effective political communication - have you say. Vote on the one you think most effective.

I don't mean the one you personally agree with most. I mean the one, from an objective point of view was most effective at getting its point across, was most memorable, had most impact. One that had you saying, " I wish my party had done one as good as that", or maybe even genuinely had you thinking "bang on" , that said what I'm thinking and it said it well.

The four big parties all had three PEB's , so to even it up, I'm only including their most recent one in the poll. So you have ten choices in total. (I'm reluctant to include the BNP, but the BBC has, so I'll go along for just this once)
Get viewing ,
Result: SNP 46%; SSP. 20% ; LibDems 13 % ; others, nowhere
(turnout suitably low for a euro poll)


Forward Sunday, June 07, 2009  

The CWU recently won a legal action giving postal workers the right to refuse to deliver election material from the BNP. If postmen can refuse to promote racism and fascism I reckon bloggers can to.

Alan Smart Sunday, June 07, 2009  


Areed - but they are kind of "on the ballot paper" here.

Get the BBC to take down the link to their PEB , and ill happily oblige

If i could briefly comment on the BNP PEB: They make huge play of it being "us Brits" that fought, died and won WW2. As a historian, indeed one that specialises in ths period, (and even ignoring the absurdity of fascists citing WW2) they coduld even get their nostalgia right.

Cecause, what about the 20 million Russians, Ukranians, Balts, - who proportinaltly suffered much more than we did? Folks who objectvely won the war? And what about US lend lease? The Commonwealth, including the black commonwealth? The war in the far east fought near exclusivly by colonial troops? The Egyptian gunners at El Alemain? The Polish Paras at Arnhem? The Gurkhas?

If ever a case for interenational co-operation could be made it was WW2 If ever the notion of "Britain for the Brits" made hollow it surely was WW2? Who proved crucial in "The Battle of Britain"? - Czech fighter pilots. And together we beat these fascists into the ground

Obama at Omaha beach yesteday was the best anti BNP PEB ever made

It has my vote

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