7 Jun 2009

I Must Write

I'm kind of trying to keep out of this. Let events run their course, let others thousand times more influential have their say, make it happen.

But I kind of feel the need to say something, commit something to paper if only for my own benefit - a sort of spritual outlet!

Because, thanks to a good blog Ive just read by a Lib Dem Councillor in Grimbsy , I've come across an interview Tessa Jowell gave on BBC Radio 4 today. Here, she said Gordon Brown would quit if he believed it to be in the best interest of the Labour Party.

Now I write as someone who was in the Labour Party with Gordon Brown, active in it from the late 70s to the mid 90s, and can tell you with near certainty the only thing Gordon Brown has ever had the best interests of in mind is - Gordon Brown. Then and now.

And just who , except those on his carefully constructed payroll or the simply deluded, could possibly think it is in the best interests of the Labour Party for him to remain its leader? And who, apart from an egotistical buffoon like Alan Sugar - a man who can judge real bright 25 year olds as not up to running a shoes sales promotion, but think Gordon Brown up to running a country - believe Brown "the best man for the job"? Of leading our country out of a mire of sleaze, recession, immorality and illegality - a mire Brown more than anyone alive has helped create?

A man booed by vets at D-Day....elderly folks who had travelled hundreds of miles to pay their respects to fallen comrades, but who had no respect for the Prime Minister of their country

This man best to lead us? The genuine judgement of Tessa Jowell apparently, and of Mandleson, the Alexanders, Murphy, Balls and his Mrs....and Alan Johnston.........

Who appointed these goons?

Who appointed McBride, Wheelan before him, John Rafferty before him? Thought Tommy Graham ( ex MP for West Renfrewshire and expenses milker par excellence) worth protecting? Who brought back Mandleson? Who feted the bankers?. Who schemed for years against Blair, but now has the hypocrisy to attack schemers, demand "loyalty".

Who - and do look - got Michael Martin elected as Speaker in the first place, and then let him , encouraged him, to develop an expenses system based on chums, patronage and graft? Who kept all these guilty as sin ministers in his cabinet until they walked out or were found out to such a degree even they knew it was time to leave?

Who is so interested in the views of Labour Party members that two years ago he got his goons to strong arm potential supporters of John McDonald out of nominating him? - to stop an election even Brown would have won!

And who is this "man of the people" who, every time the people have been asked - in elections he can't avoid - give their verdict on him as "not wanted". Not remotely wanted.

But still he think he knows best, he alone can lead us out his wilderness. Close to sectionable.

Who is Gordon Brown?

Who ever voted for him? Who ever said he was "brilliant" except his well constructed spin machine that lazy journalists, for a time, bought into?

Why is he running the country? How did he get there? How do we get rid of him?


subrosa Sunday, June 07, 2009  

Well said Alan. I still say he'll hold on until the bitter end. Many on PB are saying no but hopefully I'll be proved wrong.

Oh did you know Alan Sugar's company got a government contract for supplying computers last year? Worth around £30million it is. If you want the link let me know and I'll try to find it.

Albert Sunday, June 07, 2009  

I’ve made a video of the 3 cups won by barça this year. You can have a look if you want.

I don’t know why I can’t write comments in your other blog (toffeetunes). Try to comment there because maybe nobody can. However I have to say that your songs are fantastic!

Colin Campbell Sunday, June 07, 2009  

So much pent up anger and frustration. Hard to believe from afar that people would be angrier with Gordon Brown than Maggie. Clearly delusional.

Colin Campbell Sunday, June 07, 2009  
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Unknown Monday, June 08, 2009  

I have read your blogs for sometime now. I think you may be at the place we Americans found ourselves in with George Bush. We learned how he got there. Some of us know the why's. But you know what was the hardest one?

How do we get rid of him and those who think like him? I wish you luck. I found your blog very heartfelt and I understand your lament.

P.S. I love you videos too!

Alan Smart Monday, June 08, 2009  

Thanks huumingbird and others

The proscess may be similar to Bush, but remember Blair/Brown are Labour - "our" guys! So whilst, if even at their worse never as nakedly reactioanary as Bush or Chaney, the dissappointment is so much greater, since we had positve expectations - it was progressives and poor folks that put them there...Only for then to involve us in illagal wars, see the gap between te haves and the have not widen, the bankers feted - and now we find out in graphic detail most of them personally enrich themseves and their families whilst they did all this. Whilst near bankrupting the country

And what are our outlets for protest? Because in a UK context anyway, it effectvelt teh Tory Party or worse...two fasicts elected last night no the European parliament

In the US I dont need to tell had Obama - and Hilary as not a bad second choice. And a raft of other good people i'm sure.

Here it is just so depressing...wher do the good guys go? But in Scotland we are so lucky to have a positve, progressive and credible alternatve in te SNP who deservedly had its best result ver last night in our Euro elections.

But to my former friends in the Labour Party what are they left doing? - propping up a corrupt corpse, and one that has used and abused them now for a decade or more. But still they let them do it.

Only 15% voted Labour last night - think about that, the party of Government, the party of the mainstarem "left", the people ---in the midddle of aneconomic recession. But still the leader of this shambles hangs on...thinks he is "the best man for the job"...and they all say "here hear"....how incredibly sad

CrazyDaisy Monday, June 08, 2009  


Aye and that means 85% didn't vote for him.

I do hope he either gets a vote of no confidence or his plotters pull the rug from under.

He is the biggest w@nk*r in politics today and still insists on sending our men and women to die for his ego - war criminal.



naldo Monday, June 08, 2009  

Alan, you used the word "who" a lot in your post. So who would you like to replace Brown?

I really don't think there's a viable alternative. If he is to be replaced, it'll be by another so called New Labour drongo (Milliband i suspect) who will probably be forced to hold a lose a General Election.

So we'll then have a nasty right wing Tory government and a tiny and powerless, right wing Labour opposition.

I would prefer Brown to stay as leader until after a General Election when the Labour Party might have a long, hard look at itself, realise that its core vote has deserted it and elect someone worthy of leading a socialist party.

We don't need progressives to jump on the bandwagon and do the right wing press's job for them. We should be concentrating on getting independence for Scotland and in the meantime, minimising the harm done to us by reactionary government in Westiminster.

Alan Smart Monday, June 08, 2009  


Objectively I kind of agree with you. But we are still part of the UK , and likely to be for a wee while yet. I really cant stand having as my Prime Minsiter someone so weak, i think shallow and certainly as self serving

Who would be better? - Im sure Alan Johnston, Milliband also and few moee. I persoanlly would go for John Denham - an ouside bet I know, but a top bloke - and he resigned over Iraq, so in ths regard he really is a clean break

But then again, it's kind of in the SNPs interests for Brown to cling on

Bu this aint no right wing bandwagon i'm jumping on. Ive always loathed Brown and his entire style of operation, Saw it real close up in the 1980s when he was no more than an asprirant - and it stank then. It's all his " i can clean up the sleaze" piety that gets me most. Cause he is the sleeze - encourgaged it for a specific purpose - his own advancement, helps him manipulate people, feel morally superiorl iiterally he keep files to be deployed when it suits his purposes.

And just look at the creeps he's promoted, created

Vronsky Sunday, June 14, 2009  

I was willing to wager large sums of money that Brown would never become leader of the Labour Party, because I regarded him - way back then - as gauche, dour, dull and stupid. I still find it vastly more puzzling that he got the job than that he manages to keep it.

I tend agree with the analysis that says he'll go in a few months' time, when his successor can claim that there is no need for an immediate election as one is only a few months away anyway - that gives time to recover ground before the vote.

Brown (and Labour) may be on to something with the argument that the Tories will introduce swingeing cuts on public spending (so will Labour, of course). Such threats are scary because there are many households like mine where the earner in the private sector has been paid off and the sole remaining income is from the partner in public service. Put those partners out of work and you'll really have a 30s style Depression.

PS: Like the tidier blog layout, Alan.

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