10 Jun 2009

Scottish Labour - And they wonder why they are losing

I've just noticed from Scottish Nulab's web site and associated news releases that the comrades are making a big deal out of Alex Salmond being in Westminster today to vote for his party's Parliament dissolution motion. Why? Because according to Scot NuLab, in doing so he is "snubbing the victims of rape crime", as at Holyrood this afternoon there is a vote on the Sexual Offences Bill.

I'll come back to that in a moment, but can you imagine the furore Scot Nulab would be making if Alex Salmond MP was not at Westminster today? Total Hypocrites.

But on the Sexual Offences Bill, soon to be a Act, why did such an Act never appear on the statute books during the 8 years Scot Nulab had total control of the Holyrood chamber? What about that very real 8 year snub to the victims of rape crime? No, not a snub, a vicious reality - Labour in power left vulnerable women under-protected.

But today the Sexual Offences Bill will sail through - no small part down to the enthusiastic support of the SNP, a party Alex Salmond leads - I mention just in case Nulab - north and south - had forgotten what a leader was.

And I am glad Alex Salmond will lead in London today, one which , if he's successful, will be his last day as an MP . Because if he suceeds, he will grant the people - the people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland - the opportunity to elect MPs, a government and ultimately a Prime Minister of their own choosing. One that represents them, rather than one that uses every trick, manipulates every cabal going to deny them their voice.

And what is Nulab so afraid of? Why will it whip its MPs to a man and woman, Blarite and Brownie, left, right and centre, honest and corrupt, into the lobbies to deny the people a say?
We know why.

But London is calling .....and your liberator is on that Shuttle!


subrosa Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

Good post AWC. The vote will be against of course because the labour backbenchers know they'll be out of a job sooner rather than later. The last few days has shown how many of them have any integrity whatsoever.

brownlie Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

I cannot see the vote succeeding in calling an election but there should be some revealing speeches.

I suspect that, at the meeting on Monday night, Brown would have said told his MPs "Back me or I'll call an election right away" so they decided to back him rather than risk losing their perks but I suspect he's still on shaky ground.

Wrinkled Weasel Thursday, June 11, 2009  

Take heart! Scotland has moved another step away from the New Labour Odyssey. I sense a fighting spirit, North of the Border. My guess is that the European Elections took Scotland closer to Independence.

The London Government has a dilemma: much has been said today of cuts in spending. If they make substantial cuts to our budget, it is a certain vote loser. The extent to which they can buy Scotland has been diminished by the overall economic crisis. Their only solution now is to gerrymander the voting, something they are now apparently planning to do.

Jim Thursday, June 11, 2009  

So Alex Salmond's government has set the agenda for the Secual offences bill. Accepted the amendments proposed from the Labour benches and drafted a bill to everyone's satisfaction, which will only fail if enough members of parliament oppose it.

The bill passed 121 votes to nil with Patrick Harvie abstaining.
According to the BBC

I hardly think that trusting the parliament to do it's duty on such a day, after all the hard work has been done constitutes a snub. Labour really are struggling with this mud slinging malarky!

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