6 Jun 2009

Never Forget

They will never forget,
the events of 'D-Day',
they will never forget,
their friends who passed away.

They will never forget,
the sound of bagpipes playing,
they will never forget,
the thousands of men praying.

They will never forget,
the blood red sea,
they will never forget,
the courage and the bravery.

We must never forget,
why they had to fight,
and we must never forget,
always to do what's right.

The Piper was Glaswegian Bill Millan of the 1st Commando Brigade.

He played until his bagpipes took a bullet,
the Germans all thought he was mad,
he miraculously never got killed,
our lucky Scottish lad.

But when a German sniper,
put his bagpipes out of action,
he picked up his gun,
a natural reaction.

For if they thought he was mad before,
they just had no idea,
for to deny a Piper his bagpipes,
leaves a man with no fear!

Stanley Bruce
written 6th June 2004


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