17 Mar 2009

The Dream is Over?

There is a blog, "Scot goes Pop", that today tells us - one opinion poll, and "the dream is over" - forever. I am now being told the blogger is a nat and being sarcastic. But no doubt Angus McLeod in The Times, Magnus Gardham in The Record and co will soon be wtiting something similar for real.

I'd agree with Scot Goes Pop seriously in only one sense - between now and the next Scottish elections in 2011 is not a good time to hold a referendum. The essential idea, that a mega recession, is a time to pull together not divide the country with an inevitably divisive independence referendum is a sound one. And, from an SNP/pro- Independence perspective, sound tactically too, as we'd near inevitably end up as the smaller half, way smaller half in present circumstances. Defeated, in Eck's words, "the issue settled for a generation" But forever? Mince.

But without a referendum now ( and arithmetically it seems for now undeliverable), I'd say until 2014, co-incidentally Bannockburn 700 !

Why then? - mid way through the SNPs 2nd term I'd hope, when the SNP in Government had well and truly proven itself - and I'd also hope a genuinely autonomous and large non SNP Independence "movement" had emerged; And the recession would either be by then on the mend or so fundamental that we provably needed radical change - independence, and a social and economic revolution with it.

And perhaps even more significantly still - especially if the SNP had had the strategic foresight to not just suspend it demand for a referendum in 2011, but be seen to do this, it would be regarded by more and more as as a truly "national" party: One that had worked with others to fight and hopefully defeat the worst aspects of recession that threatened the people of Scotland.

I do think there is such a thing as reward in politics.

Scotland's day will come - if less rapidly than the SNP's unthinking ( and tiny) card carrying fan base might continue to dream.

But.... A second SNP term , a defeated near bankrupt Labour party with its job seekers base realising the game's up; a Tory party interested in consolidating its English base, its own second term, an Obama administration sorting out the world's hot spots including delivering a independent Palestine; some sort of united Ireland moving ever closer; Today's 14 year olds 18: The Scottish working class.

Our day is coming.

Dead forever? - You will never kill us - unionists surely you should have learned that centuries ago?

And, Tavish - ta!!


Conan the Librarian™ Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Traquair on the Scotsman has an interesting breakdown of the figures


Anonymous,  Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Erm can you go back and read Scots goes pop blog again ? i think you have got the wrong end of the stick on this one. He was slagging AM2 for saying the SNP are finished yet even though all the SNP,S poll ratings are up on the last General election, Scottish elections and European election.

He was being sarcastic, naws wit urs meens ? Get back over to James,s blog and apologise for your rant

Anonymous,  Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Alrighty Conan, yeh i read that on the Scotsman last night. Intresting but hmm im a bit lost on it , must read it again though..

Administrator Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Alan, thankfully technology affords you the opportunity to remove this post and save further egg - face proximity.

Go to the source of SgP's annoyance, Mr AM2 and squat and curl one off on his blog.

Alan Smart Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Monty and advanced media watch - thanks for your tip off. Ive amended acordingly.

But I dont think i will be alone in being fooled by "Scot Goes pop's" heavy sarcasm. So it's not just me but him you should be suggesting amends his blog post - we dont all still waste our time even reading AM2, let alone wrting entire blog entries in respoonse to him ( he will just love that, be encourged that his incoherent pish even bothers you)

But Advanced Media watch . My initial misinterpreation of "Scot goes Pop" aside - put right be chaging about 6 words - what is "a rant" about my post, other than I kind of calmuy pulls apart the dated and time warped party line?

As I said, thank god for Tavish. He's unwittingly saved the national movement. He's a clown. Its the clowns in the SNP I am more concerned with - they could do real damage

Anonymous,  Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Okay AWC my response was a bit OTT and i apologise but i think it is good James counterbalances what AM2 writes on that blog of his.

I don't follow or read what AM2 writes on his blog anymore, i grew out of it but some Nats clearly still read his blog and indeed comment on it so thanks to James he posts on a different prospective than what AM2 slavers and counterbalances the him.

Yes Tavish Scot has some Cred but watch out for Ming, he is the real problem.

Administrator Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Ming was in with the 19 folk who listened to him at the Lib Dem party conference in Perth last week. Naturally, the Hootsman gave him headline coverage, with his assertion that Salmond was a 'novice'. A novice what? Diet-er?

Alan Smart Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

Lay off the future Speaker of The House - a worthy successor to comrade Martin ( snr)

James Kelly Wednesday, March 18, 2009  

Hi, Aye We Can. I'm not going to attempt to amend my blog post, because I think I'd lose the will to live, but I must admit when I finished it last night I immediately realised there was a severe danger that some people who glanced at it would think I was being deadly serious. So I apologise if anyone was confused.

Alan Smart Wednesday, March 18, 2009  


No need to apologise - I should read more carefully.

But the sad reality is what you wrote in jest is so close to what paid "professional" jounalsits write for real in manstream newspapers, that we were confused. So you suceeded in making your point - big time!

You shou;d apply for a job with "The Times" or "The Scotsman" as a feature writer - you'd probably get it.

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