9 Mar 2009

Purcell - pay for your own Labour leadership bid

When I did history at school, I read about politics pre the 1832 Reform Act - of landowners, rich folks, the establishment in general, buying the votes of the poor with a few free beers , a week's free rent etc.

Now in 2009 we have it Steven Purcell style. Buy Union internal nomination votes in the Labour Party with this populist mince, then the votes of about a 10th of the population of Glasgow with the £1.30 per hour uprating which, - with Unions working the differentals - will in due course apply to many more than the Glasgow City Council workers on the minimum wage

And I thought the unions were against regionally variable minimum wage rates?

Taking the piss Steven, the piss out of the low paid who don't work for your cooncil, but will help fund this through higher taxes, higher charges or poorer sevices. The ex-Woolies workers now on the dole. The Argos shop workers, the Scottish Enterprise office cleaners, the pub and club doormen etc etc. They will never get a sniff of of your money, just feel agrieved. Rightly agrieved.

Taking the piss out of folk in general that work and live in the real world not your laborite cooncil bubble. The piss out the rest of Scotland that subsidises you corrupt inefficient weegie labour regime.

Takin the piss. Pork barrell politics - head tae Chicago - na, they widna let you in. Obama would run you out of town wi that corrupt ex Govenor of Illinois that tried tae sell his Senate seat.

And these 1832 landowners ? - they at least paid for their corrupt system oot their own pockets

This superfically "progressive" gesture is little more than a state funded "Purcell for Labour leader/ giezza seat" stunt. A unilateral uprating of thr cooncil minimum wage ( and every other glasgow cooncil rate in time) for aboot the cheapest place in Britain to live; The most subsidised city in Europe - but we are now also to subsidise a minimum wage rate higher than we are paying our own poor?

So Stevie boy - take a one way trip to Zimbabwe. You'd feel at home there - for a month or two more anyway.

Or take the Tardis back to 1831 - the rich would laugh at you, the poor kick you to death. And these UNISON block votes, the phantom battalions, couldnae help you.


JuanKerr.com Tuesday, March 10, 2009  

Too fucking right he is trying to buy of the voters and get the unions mobilised to help out stuffing ballots.

He is using what autonomy he has too further his own chances. He could always send a donation to the "Save paddies Market Campaign"

Alan Smart Tuesday, March 10, 2009  

We have not enough money to save Paddy Market's conmrade. And its a vulgar place anyway, spoils my walk into Babity Bowsters, all these poor falks with their carrier bags. Looki most frightening and uncool, spoiling our "Glasgow with Style" campaign's award chances and the poosibililty of going to that awards ceremony in Cannes)

Not enough money to pay for new schholbooks either - these viscious SNP cuts you know

But enough money to pay for ths unasked for piece of pork barrelling


I have every sypathy for the low paid, believe in the minimum wage. But a natiuonal mininimum wage all regions, all sectors - not uniquely this featherbeaded community - the compulsory reducndany imune, perk ladden, sicky prone, rsstructve practices rich, emplyees of Glasgow City coucil.

Pur upon? - try working for Burger King. But now to get paid £1.30 and hour more tha folks that do. Indeed folks who would wiling right now swap the current council minimum wage package for theor own. Folks probably better qualified and harder working on any crteria. And liveing acxroos te close , putting up with the same crap cooncil services Purcell and his mob provide.

There has to be some soirt of lagal redress here - blantant discrimination by a cooncil in favour of the chosen few

Alan Smart Tuesday, March 10, 2009  

the chosen few wi votes in labour party selection contests

Alan Smart Wednesday, March 11, 2009  

To add a more considered thought, I think genuinely dangerous for the poor in Scotland. There always has been a semi convincing economic and social case for a higher minimum wage in the south of England , London in particular - to reflect higher costs, Indeed no more tha the currnet "London waitin g allowwance" common in many jobs, applied to the poorest paid.

Good vote winner for the Tories in Landon at the next election if they chose to run with it - and now try arguing against it, when it is in place in Glasgow, one of the cheapest cities in Britain to live in , if not the cheapest
This has been successfully resisted by the Unions and others, and long may it continue.

But were I the Mayor of London, A London MP or indeed anyone with half a brain, when I read about comrade Steve bold initiatve I know what I would be doing

Bad move very bad move. But maybe a good one for stevie - these UNISON votes are already in his bag. Pick a seat?

And remember labour's reaction when John Swinney in an equally opportunistic move a few months back decided to restore in full (backdate) the pension allocation to civil sevanmts underpaid over the years due to a technical error, a concession not offered by the UK government

He was called an opportunist - a vote buyer, a splitter. And rightly so

A red rosse and a big feifdom in Glasgow dont but my brain

Comardes - a tip? Stop this mince. A higher minimum wage in London? The tories will love it. The Nats will love it.

The non cooncil working poor in Glasgow wil resent it. The rest of scotland - which as we all know subsideises Glasgow big time - will resent it

Purcell and UNISON aside - and the the thousand or so who benefit . Who else likes it?

Kill it now before it bites your balls

And what a stunt to do it in Dundeed on the day of Ian Grays good speech Does Purcell have no sense of shame? Labour Party Conference in Dundee, a saturday? I thought it was to help poor folks in Glasgow - why no tell them first, in the city they live in, on a day they are listening?

neil craig Sunday, March 15, 2009  

The primary purpose of government spending is to pay government employees & their allies. The official "services" come second, or in this case 3rd after promoting Purcell's political career. Also a sign of how hollowed out the Labour party is now consisting largely of people employed by councillors.

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