9 Mar 2009

A Scottish Labour Party PPB I thought we'd never see. You dont need to agree with, but this is new ground, significant


Administrator Monday, March 09, 2009  

Slick, professional, no expense spared on the ruminating heli shot across what looked like Seton sands.

Former colleague [ x ]

Woman [x]

Young bright girl [x]

Activist [x]

Local business man [x]

Love of buses [x]

Earnest young apprentice [x]

With chisel [x]

Family history [x]

Gazing into middle distance whilst not reading idiot boards [x]

Archive shots of the young Gray [x]

Obligatory fitba shot arm-in-arm with Andy Kerr and Skull Murphy [x]

Dig at the SNP every 30 seconds [x]

Alan, it's more of the same, but done with a bigger budget and a faux yet overly intrusive Michael Nyman soundtrack.

The only difference is the attempt to swathe himself in the Saltire.

subrosa Monday, March 09, 2009  

I thought I was watching an SNP public broadcast.

How can he speak about the crumbling schools when such public buildings take years to get in that condition and they were in charge?

A good propaganda PPs for the SNP.

Funnily enough, he couldn't persuade even one of his ex pupils to come on video and sing his praises.

A good idea though and hope the SNP take this one up. Who funded this? The unions I expect as the general public aren't that stupid.

Alan Smart Monday, March 09, 2009  

I would not assume this video was that expensive. £10k I reckon - I could have made it for under £5k ( but unlikely to be asked!)

But why do I think this PPB significant?

(A) Labour In Scotland have adopted a contructive opposition posture, quite different from the hectoring of wendy, anger of Andy kerr etc. As a political watcher, who has watched loads and loads of Scottish PPBs in my time (used to do it for a living at STV) I think this one is quite persuasive, will have former, pissed off labour voters having another look

(B) Ian Gray , apart for being a bit wooden in parts ( not aways a bad thing - try Nicola three years ago. John Swinney even now) I think comes across a sympathetic , deep even, His family has credible roots, he has roost, East Lothian roots, international roots, Scottish roots.

(3) The "wrapping inthe Saltire" is significant if you know anything about the history of the Labour Party in Scotland. I remember less than 20 year ago when the mainsteamn would not even call it the Scottish Labour Party - even with a red rose all the way through it. And the saltire was regared as somwhere between the Swastika and the Confederate flag as a fashion icon. But here we have it liberally and I think credibly used. Scottish Labour is reclaiming the saltire, I think no bad thing , a sign how the "centre" has moved in the direction of nationalism. I suppose the SNP dividend

But the SNP woud be foolish not to recongise they are up agaist a changed beast. A sublter beast that has listened and learned. You can argue by all means not enough - i'd agree.

But let't recognise a new bus, not just a repainted one. Otherwise it might run us over.

And don't underetimate the Gray man. Ive watched in detail FMQs after FMQs, how he has uped his game,improved week on week, whilst Eck has incraesingly relied upon his rehtorical skills not the strength of his counter arguments. Ask the journos - the pro nat ones - they all say this.

Ian Gray was an astute choice to take in Eck - he don't try to outsmart him, he just out thinks him - i think he is already 6 months or so ahead of Eck, asking seemingly weak innocuous questions, but getting Eck on the record for anther day.

And stylitically, nats , study this PPB. One way to market "nationlism" in 21st century i'd say. And very lille nat bashing by the way. All pretty positive - he's even "working with" your government on appreticships

Anonymous,  Monday, March 09, 2009  

Hmmm! Constructive opposition you say - thats exactly what I thought when I heard that Ian Gray had tried to rip up the SNP manifesto. (Not really the actions of a mature and serious politician - or am I being biased?)

When I first watched the PPB the line "my father was proud of Scotland, but he was no Nationalist" - stood out. That I think was quite clever of him, there has been a shift in mood regarding Scottish identity and all credit to Ian for responding to that.

Since you are from Clackmannanshire - what are your views on the Labour council administration? (Don't tell me-you're in the Derek Stewart Fan Club too!)

Alan Smart Monday, March 09, 2009  

Just move back her from Falkirk, so not formed a view yet.

But I guess im against it!

What is yor take -genuily Im out of touch on this one

Too busy watching PPBs!

And believe me I aint remotely pro Labour in general - look at my Blog. I just think Ian Gray has got soemthing, a certain genuine quality so lackimng in Jacko, Gordy and co. Seriouly. look at his CV - not much cash or obvious routes into a Labour party career within it. Admirable Id say, given te bribes on offer.

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