14 Mar 2009

Watch Now Before the BBC and M15 take it down again

This film ( in six YouTube sections) speaks for itself. But why only on YouTube?. Inexplicably this film, made for the BBC Alba Gaelic language channel is not available on BBC i-player. Well it was very briefly, before being inexplicably removed.

Big cheers for Chicmac1 posting it on his YouTube account, but how long before the dark forces behind its prompt removal from BBC i-player, are flooding YouTube with "copyright infingement" complaints. So watch now, not later - take notes!

My one additional comment is really adressed to what I would call naive, rather than misguideed nats - near all in the SNP, and some surprisingly senior. If the British state was up to this in the 1960s and 7os, where you were but a distant threat, what do you imagine they are up to right now? So be vigilant, be astute, hard where necessary - a smilling face and a few grand of ever so helpful donations to party funds, etc, might not be all they seem. Or just read what the British state got up to in Ireland pre and post independence, or what it did in near every other country in the former empire.

But wee Eck seriously thinks by pledging allegience to Lizzy - the epitome of this corrupt secret establishment - all this can be avoided here?

And well done the Gaels - a real public sevice we have waited for 50 years to see on BBC1 or 2. And you - the last of the free - did it within three months of BBC Alba's Launch. A true public service - worth every penny of public funds. Now just let the public see it BBC!

And nae wonder they won't let The Parliament of Scotland have control of our ain broadcasting systems.


JuanKerr.com Saturday, March 14, 2009  

Hay Hay! , just a wee note, Mi5 is internal border secuirty (e.g. UK) MI6 is international (e.g. outwith )

Sorry being security nerdy....

Alan Smart Saturday, March 14, 2009  

thanks - you are the expert . but is scotland not a foreign land in their eyes?

But I will correct - detail is imprtant on such matters

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